Steel Trading

EBCOM’s core business is steel trading. We act as a trading intermediary between producers and purchasers and provide a range of value-added services. The goods we trade include longflattubular and semi-finished products. We also trade specialized products such as engineering steelsstainless steels and steel products for the oil & gas industry. 

For producers of steel: EBCOM offers cost-effective marketing, logistical and financial services to secure customer business in overseas markets. 

For purchasers of steel: EBCOM offers a reliable and flexible sourcing channel with financial support. 

EBCOM’s international network affords us global scale with a local presence. We hold unsold forward positions and stock in several regions around the world with wide a range of steel products – to minimize the long lead time entailed in producing and delivering steel. Value Added services supporting our trading business include offtake arrangements, various forms of credit, derivatives trading, shipping, inspection, breaking bulk at port, clearing goods through customs, handling complex VAT regulations and organizing inland transport and intermediate stock holding. 

Global scale, local presence

Our international network enables us to establish a direct presence in many markets. Our philosophy is to work through small self-contained units, each with its own management and clearly defined areas of responsibility. EBCOM offices combine the personal touch and flexibility of small business units with the strength of a large group committed to common objectives, shared values and a unified strategy. Our local presence supports the development of close relations with our business partners, while our international network brings together buyers and sellers of steel in different parts of the world and allows us to offer expertise solutions to customers who are building up operations around the world. 

Market Sectors

EBCOM has expertise in several industry sectors, selling steel direct to end-users as well as to specialist stockholders. Our global product management brings a broad perspective, sourcing steel from a range of mills and making local stocks available in the regions of the world that consume high volumes of special steels